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Outstanding Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping, and Seasonal Cleanups in Elkhart, Bristol, and Granger, IN and their nearby areas.

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Who We Are?

We are a professional lawn company that strives to provide the best in lawn maintenance and landscaping. We are dedicated with a strong work ethic to serving residential and commercial businesses, making your landscape look fantastic!


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Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn isn’t going to take care of itself – there are lots to be done to ensure its health and longevity. Our lawn maintenance includes taking care of the trees, grass, soil, and plants so they can thrive!

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Landscaping Installations & Maintenance

Beautiful landscaping has the functionality, looks, and is set up just how you want. We can install a wonderful landscape around your home and maintain it, so it stays looking beautiful.

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Seasonal Cleanups

A messy lawn can ruin the curb appeal of your home and damage it as well! We can clean up your lawn of any debris that could cause these damages to areas such as grass and landscape beds.

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Lawn Care

Lawn care is essential for keeping it strong, growing, and thriving. We can provide services that encourage thicker grass growth, protection for your plants and flowers, and much more!

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It’s a common occurrence that watering everything on the lawn gets forgotten or isn’t watered properly. We install and repair irrigation systems that keep your landscape watered exactly how it should be!

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Sod Installations

Sometimes grass begins to thin out or become barren, and the only option left is to install new grass. We can lay down new sod that looks lovely and feels fantastic!

Service Locations

We proudly serve the residents of Elkhart, Bristol, and Granger, IN and their surrounding areas!

Why choose our team?

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Superior Quality

While we focus on lawn maintenance and landscape work, we can also offer many other services to help improve the functionality and look of your lawn! All of the work we do is of the highest quality, so you never have to ponder whether you made the right choice in choosing us!

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Outstanding Customer Service

We understand it’s not enough to provide high-quality services; we also need to have the kind of connection with our customers that keeps them wanting to come back. Providing superb customer service is how we do just that – ensuring they feel heard, validated, and understood.
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Commitment to Professionalism

This isn’t just a hobby for us, this is our job, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard because of that. Keeping up a professional attitude is a top priority, so our customers see they’re working with a team who’s serious about and dedicated to what they do.

Our Work

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