Everyone is looking to revamp their properties after the winter season. But, as much as we look forward to the Spring, with the lovely weather comes chores. That’s right – many lawn and landscaping services need to get done on our properties.

Due to the overwhelming number of services that need to be done, we often tend to do some services DIY style. Although we do not encourage doing the services on your own, as you should be using professionals, we do, however, understand that you may tackle a few.

With DIY services in mind, there are situations and mistakes you will want to avoid while preparing or providing lawn and landscaping services to your property this Spring!

The most common lawn care mistakes made during the Spring season are based on four services:

  1. Mowing your lawn
  2. Watering your property
  3. Weed Prevention
  4. Applying Fertilizer

Are there mistakes that can be made when mowing my lawn?

Mowing is the most critical lawn care service. Maintaining a healthy and adequately mowed lawn all year sets the standard for your property. But unfortunately, it is not easy.

When people mow their lawns, they tend to do it out of necessity. They think that they must mow or that they need to mow. They usually do not consider what mowing does and the rules of mowing.

People also mow often to keep their grass short. If that happens, you are causing damage to your lawn and its roots. When we cause damage, we stop the growth process of our lawn and make it unhealthy.

When mowing your lawn, you must follow specific “rules” to ensure the service is done correctly and that you are maximizing the overall health and well-being of your lawn. Those “rules” are:

  • Always mow when you have a dry lawn!
  • Your mower should be set to high.
  • Never mow on a schedule.
  • Never mow the same pattern or way.
  • Ensure your mower blade is always sharp.
  • If you get a new lawn, wait a bit to mow.
  • Leave the grass clippings on your lawn!

Watering my lawn and landscape is easy, right?

Another essential service to ensure the health of your lawn is an irrigation service. Watering your lawn and landscape is very important and an area where many people make mistakes!

You may think the mistake is made by simply forgetting to water, but unfortunately, there are more mistakes than that made when watering your property.

There is a list of dos and don’ts for watering your property. So, let’s break them down.


  • Ensure your irrigation system is looked at, maintained, and repaired (if necessary) at the beginning of the spring season.
  • Make sure you own an irrigation system right for your landscape – a drip or sprinkler system.
  • You should water your lawn an inch a week, and rainfall is included in that inch!
  • Check on your lawn to see if it is drying out in the hotter temperatures and climates.


  • Overwater your lawn. If you see water build, you more than likely are overwatering your lawn.
  • Water at night. The cooler temperatures don’t allow the water to be absorbed and may lead to puddles and more complications.
  • Water before you mow. Make sure you don’t wet your lawn before mowing it!
  • Take your irrigation system for granted. It needs to be checked on and looked at to ensure the best results.

I can care for weeds on my property myself, right?

People often tend to do their own weed protection service for their property. However, there are many things to look for when dealing with herbicides. In fact, every step of the weed killer process needs to be considered, from where you purchase it, the type you buy, and its application.

The most overlooked issue with weed prevention is the first step! Our first step should be – To pull out the weeds (to the root) we see on our lawn by hand!

There are things you should be aware of when it comes to herbicides. For example:

  • Where you buy it! – Regular stores may have old and outdated herbicides that may not be right for your specific property.
  • There are multiple types of herbicides, so you must research to find which is right for you!
  • Safety – there are dangerous versions of herbicide that can cause harm to our lawns, pets, and children.
  • Small amounts – don’t overdo it on the weed killer. Applying too much herbicide can be harmful to your lawn!

Is it challenging to use fertilizer?

Fertilizer is a considerable part of our lawn care routine and aids in our fight against weeds. In addition, it helps our lawn grow and remain healthy.

The mistake often made when it comes to fertilizer is people tend to apply it during the wrong season or months.

Fertilizer works best during March and April since the spring season is the time of year to bring your lawn back to life.

Your lawn will also tell you if it needs to be fertilizer if you start to see yellow spots, yellow grass, or discoloration on the lawn.

The main rules to follow when it comes to applying fertilizer are:

  • Small amounts – over fertilizing can burn your lawn!
  • After watering your lawn, wait a few days before applying fertilizer.
  • You should fertilize your lawn only 5-6 times a year.

What is the “key” to lawn care?

No one is perfect. The upkeep of your property is a lot. To receive the best quality services and results, you must use professionals.

Professionals know everything about lawn care services and will NOT make these mistakes.

Using the pros means your lawn will be cared for properly, and you can sit back and enjoy it!

Lucky for you, the professionals are close by!

If you own commercial or residential property in Elkhart, IA, or anywhere nearby, you can get your lawn care services done by the professionals at Busy Lil Beavers! No one works harder!