Driveway Installations

Wonderful driveway installations services in Elkhart, Bristol, and Granger, IN.

What is included in our driveway installation services?

Cracked, crumbling, and overgrown driveways can be really rough on your vehicles and be a hazard to walk across! So instead, we can install brand new, beautiful, smooth driveways that not only look fantastic but are less likely to cause any problems.

Why should I choose Busy Lil Beavers?

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Driveway Installation

What good do driveway installations do for my landscape?

Maintenance doesn’t take much

Proper concrete driveways that are done with care will not need excessive maintenance to keep them in good shape! Meaning you’ll spend shorter amounts of time cleaning them that could go towards more pressing landscape jobs. All it’ll need is a good spray down and winterization!

One less lawn “blemish” to worry about

Your landscape work can be beautiful and well maintained, but it’s very noticeable if your driveway doesn’t match it in looks. A smooth, new driveway will help complete the overall look – giving your whole property a well-rounded curb appeal.

What are some things to know about driveway installations?

Concrete lasts longer than asphalt

Asphalt is lovely, and the upfront cost is often what sways homeowners to look into them – but that doesn’t mean they’re more durable. Concrete driveways can last up to 50%-60% longer than their asphalt counterparts. So, in the end, asphalt costs more due to higher maintenance costs.

Concrete is cooler – literally

On hot days, we’ve all walked out onto the pavement outside barefoot – and it’s not so fun. However, some materials are less excruciating to walk on than others. For example, concrete is considerably cooler due to absorbing fewer UV rays than anything made from asphalt.

Looking to level up your residential or commercial property? Look no further – Busy Lil Beavers produces quality work built on a dam fine reputation!

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