Professional and quality lawn maintenance, landscaping, seasonal cleanups, and more in Elkhart, Indiana.

The city of Elkhart started as a prime location for a few Native American tribes, and then in 1827, settlers began to call this lovely place home. Over a short time, railway repair shops helped stimulate the growth and development of the town. It then expanded to become a place of musical instrument manufacturing, which is still home to one of the largest wind instrument makers in the world! This city grew over the years and became a hub for mobile home manufacturing, furniture, and recreational vehicles – making it a wonderfully industrial area.

There are plenty of things to see and do there nowadays as well. If you happen to love nature, this is the place for you! You can take in the beauty of the Linton’s Enchanted Gardens, Wellfield Botanic Gardens, or Quilt Gardens. If admiring art is more your style, head over to the Midwest Museum of American Art! No matter your fancy, there’s something for everyone – and the folks who live here are the luckiest. We’re proud to serve them and look forward to working with them for years to come!

Why choose Busy Lil Beavers for your lawn maintenance and landscape needs?

  • The various services like lawn maintenance, seasonal cleanups, and landscape installations we provide our customers are always of the highest quality
  • One of our top priorities has been, and always will be customer satisfaction – in fact, satisfaction is a bar too low. How about we achieve surprise and delight?
  • We like to make sure everyone in our community can enjoy our services. We offer these lawn and landscape services to both residential and commercial properties

What can Busy Lil Beavers do for the fine folks of Elkhart?

  • Lawn Maintenance – This service is all about taking care of the upkeep around your lawn – doing jobs such as mowing, edging, pruning, and weed control
  • Landscaping Installs/Maintenance – The installing of fresh and brand new landscaping such as flower beds, hard surfaces, and new grass adds intrinsic value to your home. Don’t forget, these gorgeous new elements to your landscape will need maintaining it after it’s completed!
  • Seasonal Cleanups – We are sure you don’t want to spend your hard-earned weekends cleaning up and clearing away any debris scattered around your lawn, such as leaves and tree branches – so let Busy Lil Beavers do the job!
  • Irrigation – It takes definitive skills and the right training to set up an irrigation system that works with the setup of the landscape/layout of your plants. We take pride in our quality installations and the maintenance afterward.
  • Lawn Care – It’s not good enough to set up the perfect landscape and lawn, if you aren’t keeping your lawn in good health through tasks like fertilizing, thatching, aeration, and overseeding. Luckily, we have you all covered.
  • Sod Installation – While new sod is like getting brand new carpet in your home, there are many elements into the process – a process we excel at. Like: getting rid of any remaining parts of your old lawn, prepping the soil, and installing a new layer of organic, mature grass.

What are the benefits of great lawn maintenance or landscaping?

  • Increase in home value
  • Improvements in your mood and physical health
  • Your home’s curb appeal will skyrocket
  • It encourages you in spending more time outdoors
  • Your lawn will continue growing healthy and strong
  • Less time and money spend fixing lawn problems later on
  • Lengthens the lifespan of your lawn overall
Does your lawn need an extra helping hand? Wanting to upgrade the landscaping around your home? Give our highly dedicated team a call today, and we’ll get busy making those goals come true!

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