Professional and quality lawn maintenance, landscaping, seasonal cleanups, and more in Goshen, Indiana.

This great city was initially settled around 1830 and likely named for a city in New York where one of its first settlers came from. It’s a lovely community, with a prominent Amish and Mennonite presence throughout it.

This area has become a leading trade center for poultry and diversified farming – along with plenty of other supplies manufactured in the area. Located north near the Michigan border, the city of Goshen contains many historical landmarks, including the Mennonite church at the college established there!

There are loads of fun, exciting things to do around this area that you may not have realized! There are more historical sites like the Mennonite Historical Library and other fun places to visit! You could see the world from a new perspective at the Stutsman Ballooning hot air balloon rides or sip on some goodness at the Wine Cellar Supply Winery.

There are plenty of beautiful parks to take a stroll around and gift shops to suit whatever needs you may have. However, no matter what, there is something for all to enjoy – and the folks who live here are fortunate. We love serving them and will continue to do so going forward!




Why choose Busy Lil Beavers for your lawn maintenance and landscape needs for our Goshen friends?

  • Commercial and residential properties can both greatly benefit from the services we offer – we don’t believe in serving just a small part of the community, but the whole picture.
  • Being consistent with our customer satisfaction is our biggest goal – knowing your service is going to stay stellar with every interaction is so crucial.
  • High-quality services are of the utmost importance – you don’t want the “okay”est service; you want to be able to shout about how fantastic your service is from the rooftops (as long as you’re careful, of course)!

What can Busy Lil Beavers do for you?

  • Lawn Maintenance – keeping your lawn in great shape every week, using mowing, edging, pruning, weeding is a service we can slap our tail about.
  • Landscaping Installs/Maintenance – the step-by-step process of new landscape installation, along with the maintenance to keep it beautiful afterward. Installations and maintenance go together like peas and carrots.
  • Seasonal Cleanups – cleaning off all surfaces of our lawn of leaves, branches, and other various lawn debris. Trust us, us Beavers know a thing or two about keeping things neat and tidy!
  • Irrigation – new, efficient irrigation installations around the landscape and the maintenance they’ll require after. Water being the path to all life in your landscape makes proper irrigation a MUST.
  • Lawn Care – doing various jobs to keep the lawn healthy from the inside out. Tasks such as fertilizing, thatching, aeration, and overseeding take the hassle out of an overrun and unkempt lawn.

What are the benefits of great lawn maintenance or landscaping?

  • You’ll be encouraged to spend more time outside, enjoying all that your property has to offer
  • You’ll notice a positive change in mental and physical health with the fresher air and cleaner environment
  • Your lawn will continue growing strong and healthy with regular maintenance services
  • Lengthen the lifespan of your lawn as its health grows and with less risk of costly repairs
  • The outside curb appeal is going to be wonderful – and give you great bang for your buck
  • Landscape installation, seasonal cleanups, and lawn maintenance will increase the value of your home
  • Less money and time used to replace flowers, plants, and grass
Does the landscape around your home need some help? Do you want to upgrade the landscaping itself? Give our highly dedicated team a call today, and we’ll get busy making those goals come true!

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