Professional and quality lawn maintenance, landscaping, seasonal cleanups, and more in Granger, Indiana.

This town was incorporated in the early 1900s and has become “the place where dinosaurs roam” in the more recent past. After the town became established, newer residents began opening up various businesses. It didn’t take long for hardware stores, a bank, a hotel, shops, meat markets, bakeries, and more to pop up! There were over 200 residents merely a year after the town was established, and farms started sprouting up. This town is one that blossomed to become the wonderful place it is today.

There are plenty of fun activities to indulge in if you find yourself here on a visit! For some family fun, you can head over to Ninja Golf or even get some thrills at the Endeavor Escape Rooms. If you need a pick-me-up, you can get in plenty of laughs at the Laugh Comedy Club. There are also plenty of shops and boutiques to browse and find whatever you may be looking for as well. We adore this town and the lucky people that live in it and would love to continue servicing those fine people for many years to come!

Why choose Busy Lil Beavers for your lawn maintenance and landscape needs?

  • The biggest priority for our company is always customer satisfaction – we are determined to offer more than your standard service; instead our services are dam fine!
  • Our company offers services to both commercial and residential properties because the businesses in our communities deserve to look stellar too.
  • We only offer high-quality services, no matter the job – from mowing to full sod and landscape installation, our services slaps the competition outta the water!

What can Busy Lil Beavers do for the residents of Granger?

  • Lawn Maintenance – the process of keeping up with your lawn through mowing, edging, pruning, and weeding
  • Landscaping Installs/Maintenance –
  • Installation of new or improved landscaping such as hard surfaces and flower beds; followed up with the maintenance of it
  • Seasonal Cleanups – cleaning out all debris on your lawn, like leaves and branches
  • Irrigation – the set up of a new system, located where they’ll do the most good, and keeping up with their repairs
  • Lawn Care – ensuring your lawn stays healthy through the help of fertilization, thatching, aerating, and overseeding
  • Sod Installations – installing organic, mature sod after clearing out the old grass and preparing the soil

What are the benefits of great lawn maintenance or landscaping?

  • The curb appeal of your home will be increased – we know that this is a buzz word, but it’s one for a reason. Curb appeal boosts home value like nothing else.
  • Your mood and physical health can be improved – we want you to look outside from your window and feel relaxed and at peace with what you see.
  • Less money or time you’ll be spending on repairs to the lawn – folks often forget that while a brand-new anything looks great, maintaining it is important to keep its value high!
  • Your home’s value will skyrocket – whether you are currently in the market to sell, or that time is years down the line, keeping your value up can only be a win for you.
  • The lifespan of your lawn will be lengthened – replacing anything can be costly and frustrating. But with “gnaw”some maintenance, your days of replacement are a thing of the distant future.
  • You’ll be encouraged to have more outdoor time – we all could use a little more fresh air, and a fantastic landscape gives us exactly what we crave!
  • Your lawn will keep growing strong and healthy – all of the above equals a happy place to call home.
Does your lawn need an extra helping hand? Wanting to upgrade the landscaping around your home? Give our highly dedicated team a call today, and we’ll get busy making those goals come true!

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