Landscape Installation & Maintenance

Wonderful Landscape Installations & Maintenance Services in Elkhart, Bristol, and Granger, IN.

What is included in our Landscape Installation & Maintenance services?

Landscaping around your home can draw in a lot of positive attention and help you fall in love with your home again. We can turn your lawn into the perfect backdrop for your home. First, with the perfect landscape installation elements – new flowerbeds will look amazing – and then maintaining your landscape afterward to ensure it looks as beautiful as the day it was finished!  

Why should I choose Busy Lil Beavers?

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Landscape Installation

What good does a good install and maintenance do for my property?

Your air quality will be improved

A home that has professional, functional landscaping done to it will help keep the air around your home clean. A neat, well-done lawn can absorb dust, smoke, and other pollutants that float around, making breathing much cleaner. Surprised? Most people are. When we think of air quality improvement, we think on a more global level. However, it’s been found that starting with home landscaping, we can each make a huge impact!

You’ll have better physical/mental health

Being outside or looking outside at an organized, attractive, clean lawn has been proven to help reduce blood pressure, boost your immune system, improve learning and memory, and reduce stress/anxiety in many people. We all know that being in a space of our own design and preferred look makes us smile – and we will make you grin!

Every part of your lawn will be in much better shape

Having nice grass is excellent but won’t do you any good if the other greenery growing on your lawn isn’t in good health! A landscape where every part is in good health, growing well, and taken care of is a landscape that will stay healthy. If every part is taken care of how it should, you can have a beautiful lawn for years to come!

What are some things to know about Landscaping Installs & Maintenance?

Your home value will skyrocket

Whether you’re simply trying to improve the value of the home you live in or looking to sell in the future, there are many ways you can make that number rise. For example, having lovely landscaping can increase the value of your home by as much as 14% on its own! We understand that installing new landscaping and keeping up with it is an investment – and we are committed to making it worth it!

Landscape layouts affect the world around it

How you want your landscape arranged doesn’t just affect how it looks, depending on what you have planted and where. It can have a profound effect on surrounding environments and critters. Your landscape can affect their behaviors and provide them with places to hide. Your landscape can affect your entire environment and neighborhood, creating a safe haven for the wildlife that benefits the space around you – and keeping the unwanted ones away.

If you’re looking for affordable and high-quality ways to upgrade the look of your home or business, look no further than with a landscape installation and maintenance service – Busy Lil Beavers produces quality work built on a dam fine reputation!

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