Lawn Care

Wonderful lawn care services in Elkhart, Bristol, and Granger, IN.

What is included in our lawn care services?

Lawn care is vital for keeping your landscape healthy and is very different from lawn maintenance. We can fertilize, winterize your irrigation, aerate and overseed your grass to keep it all growing happy and healthy. These treatments keep your landscape functioning and looking beautiful!

Why should I choose Busy Lil Beavers?

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Lawn Care

What good does lawn care do for my landscape?

Allows the soil to absorb what it needs

Sometimes your soil gets compacted, and the grass roots aren’t getting what they need. When you have aeration and overseeding done to your lawn, it opens up holes in the soil, allowing it to soak up the sun, water, and nutrients it needs. This process helps it to grow thick and lush!

Healthy lawns encourage new growth

You may already have grass, plants, and flowers established on your lawn, but a healthy lawn can encourage new growth around your landscape! Of course, the new growth could be more of what you already have growing or even new plants you want to start growing around your home.

Water pooling won’t be an issue

When your lawn is absorbing water how it should, when it rains, or the irrigation goes off, it should be able to soak into the soil rather than sit on top. Lawn care can help make sure outside elements such as this don’t negatively impact your landscape as a whole.

What are some things to know about lawn care?

Grass lawns equal cleaner air

The grass is brilliant at producing plenty of oxygen to go around, but it does much more than that! A healthy lawn that’s full of growing grass, as opposed to barren ones, can trap 12 million tons of dust annually! Meaning the air around your home could be a lot cleaner with the proper care!

Different grass has different needs

Not all grass was created equal, so it stands to reason that you’ll need to care for it differently depending on the type of grass you have. Different grass types need different fertilizers, different amounts of water, and thrive better in specific environments.

Why consider aeration and overseeding for your lawn?

Sometimes your lawn takes some serious damage. Many times when this occurs, soil compaction is the culprit. When the soil has hardened, it cannot be penetrated with a shovel, or puddles of water have formed, compaction is most likely the cause. This affects your lawn by leading to dead patches of grass, brown spots, or bare patches. By aerating your lawn, our team can remove plugs of soil and allow your lawn to breathe again. Once the much-needed air, nutrients, and water can access your soil again, your grass can thrive once more. Aeration creates the perfect environment for growth, and overseeding allows your grass to grow back stronger and healthier than ever. This powerful combination of services can completely reverse all the damage to your lawn. This service is especially crucial after a dry, hot summer season!
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