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What is included in our mulch services?

Mulch is the safety blanket between the plants/soil on your landscape and the elements above. We can properly install many varieties of mulch, in a few different colors, on your landscape beds to protect what you have grown. It can also be beneficial to enlist these services around your trees to keep their roots in good health! Mulch also adds color and texture to your landscape, helping it to appear more aesthetically pleasing! 

Why should I choose Busy Lil Beavers?

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What good does mulch do for my landscape?

Most mulch is biodegradable

While some forms of mulch do not break down, such as rubber or river rock, most others are made of organic material that will break down. Over time as the mulch thins out, it breaks down into the soil, releasing any nutrients back into the ground to help the plants. This only helps to improve the look of your landscape by improving the health of your plant life! 

The weather won’t bother your plants

Your plants or beautiful flowers are something you’ll want to stay looking beautiful – but sometimes, weather can ruin that. Mulch keeps the soil and roots protected well from rain, snow, storms, as well as high and low temperatures. Mulch will be the number one way to protect them from harm!

Mulch holds water in your soil

One of the biggest problems some plants or flowers face is not absorbing enough water before evaporating. Having a healthy layer of mulch on those landscape beds helps the soil retain water, which also aids in reducing how much you’ll have to water them.

It keeps the weeds at bay

Mulch provides a protective layer over your landscape. When weeds attempt to take root, it acts as a barrier, blocking them from getting comfy and making their home in your soil. Since weeds tend to spread like wildfire, when fewer of them are able to grow on your property, it leads to less weeds overall. As mentioned before, mulch also protects your soil from harsh temperatures that are common in our area too. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, mulch is valuable to your property because it saves you time and money, combatting a variety of soil issues.

What are some things to know about mulch?

The amount makes a difference

It’s not so simple as to lay down a bunch of mulch around your trees and plants – the amount of mulch you lay down plays a significant role in their health! Too little won’t do your plants any favors and keeps them exposed to potential damage. On the other hand, too much can smother the soil/roots, causing damage.

Some mulches repel insects

Everyone has faced the battle with pests at some point and often wondered how they can help prevent it in the future. These bugs can pose a danger to your plants, pets, and people. Some wood mulches such as cedar, cypress, and pinewood can help successfully repel insects like ticks, fleas, and gnats!

If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your home or business, look no further – Busy Lil Beavers produces quality work built on a dam fine reputation!

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