Seasonal Cleanups

Sensational seasonal cleanups services in Elkhart, Bristol, and Granger, IN.

What is included in our seasonal cleanups service?

Everyone knows a cluttered lawn doesn’t favor your curb appeal and can harm the lawn in the long run! The changing of the seasons is the most likely culprit in your landscape’s cluttering and overall messiness. Therefore, our services include cleaning your landscape of any debris causing you problems. These seasonal cleanups most often occur around the spring and fall times of the year.

Why should I choose Busy Lil Beavers?

  • Customer satisfaction is what we specialize in – going above and beyond is important to us!
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Seasonal Cleanups

What good does seasonal cleanups do for my landscape?

Increase value and curb appeal

There are many things you could do to increase the curb appeal of your home – a clean lawn is one of those! To add to that, your lawn looking as neat as it does will skyrocket the curb appeal of your home, attracting all types of positive attention.

Keeps pests at bay

Pests of all kinds can be a massive problem for both your lawn and home any time of year if your lawn is cluttered with leaves and other debris. This detritus on your landscape gives them a place to hide and protection to make their way into other areas of your property, invisible and silent. Clearing these out of the way will take that protection and coverage away from them – which teaches them that your landscape is no home for pests!

Avoids fungus and sun-deprivation

A cluttered, leaf-strewn lawn can become quickly overwhelming when too many leaves are on the landscape to put to good use (thatching, mulch, etc.). In addition, too many in your landscape beds can increase fungus growth, and a layer sitting on your grass can block out the needed sunlight, inhibiting healthy growth. Once the kids have had their fall fun of jumping in leaf piles, it’s time to get rid of ‘em – their health and your lawn will thank you!

What are some things to know about seasonal cleanups?

Recycling leaves is possible

Not all leaves you’re getting rid of have to go to waste – some can be repurposed on your landscape! They can be thatched into the soil for composting and made into forms of mulch for the landscape beds! Too many will smother it, but a portion can help it!

Increase in mental wellness

In today’s day and age, it’s very easy to become overloaded and succumb to the stressors we face. Having a messy, unkempt lawn can add to that – having it cleaned up and looking good will provide an oasis from all of that. In addition, it can produce a calming effect in people and improve your mood! Your landscape can end up providing the perfect backdrop for an early morning yoga session or afternoon flag football game – however your family relaxes is on us with a nice, clean yard!

If you have your sights set on leveling up the look of your home or business, look no further – Busy Lil Beavers produces quality work built on a dam fine reputation!

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