Snow Removal

Wonderful snow removal services in Elkhart, Bristol, and Granger, IN.

What is included in our snow removal services?

Snow is a blast to play in. Snow is lovely to look at. But what accumulates gets to be too much and becomes a hazard after a while. Our services can provide some relief from the cold, white nuisance – removing it from surfaces such as driveways and more to make your day-to-day lives a bit easier and safer!

Why should I choose Busy Lil Beavers?

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Snow Removal

What good does snow removal do for my landscape?

Avoids grass rot

If excess snow is allowed to sit on your grass for too long, it will begin to rot and die off due to damage. So if you make sure to have as much snow as possible removed from the lawn, your grass will stand a better chance at survival!

Reduces safety hazards around your home

Snow is a scary combination of beautiful and dangerous – it’s essential to make sure you’re careful when out walking around in it. Ice can hide under the surface of the snow, protected by the cold. Snow removal helps to reduce fall injuries around your home, especially on hard surfaces!

Keeps your hard surfaces in better shape

Your wooden or concrete surfaces may seem invincible, but the truth is, they’re not! Snow that sits on them can cause warped wood, wood rot, and cracks or separation in your concrete.

Why is snow removal so important for commercial properties?

It is crucial for commercial properties to have safe conditions. If you have icy, slippery walkways, it may prevent potential clients or customers from entering your place of business. Providing clear, safe paths for walking also allows for more people to pass by your location, which is free advertisement for your services. Or far worse, if customers do become injured on your property, it is liability for your company. This type of scenario has ruined many a small business. Our team can keep your commercial property safe by clearing your sidewalks and providing the necessary sanding or salting to keep them slip-and-fall free!

What are some things to know about snow removal?

Snow leftover melts into almost nothing

Even with professional snow removal services, there’s bound to be a little snow leftover afterward. However, that will go away on its own with little water left behind – considering 10 inches of snow can melt to only an inch of water!

The fear of snow is common

When you live in areas that experience snow at exceptionally high levels, it’s understandable and appropriate to be wary of it. But, unfortunately, some folks need those snow removal services ASAP – they have chionophobia, the scientific fear of snow!

But honestly – FEAR NOT! Luckily, you have access living in Elkhart and the surrounding communities here in Indiana to the best of the best in snow removal.

Busy Lil Beavers produces quality work built on a dam fine reputation!

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