Sod Installation

Wonderful sod installation services in Elkhart, Bristol, and Granger, IN.

What is included in our sod installation services?

Sometimes the dying grass in your yard is beyond the help of lawn care, and all you can do is install new grass. Our sod installation process involves removing anything old or dying, choosing new grass, prepping the soil, and installing the new sod. This service provides instant results, and in no time at all, you’ll have a lush lawn! 

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Sod Installation

What good does sod installation do for my landscape?

Saves you money on water

Irrigation is something that can benefit your lawn – but you do pay for that water used. A lawn that is sodded requires less irrigation than naturally growing grass! New sod requires a couple of good waterings a day versus a newly seeded lawn that requires up to four to grow how it should.

Sod prevents soil erosion

Sod grass makes for an excellent “trap” in capturing dust and excess dirt, preventing it from sitting along the surface. Sod is already fully mature grass, meaning it’s strong enough to help control soil erosion – stopping the soil from moving where it should.

Quality sod makes for a wonderful cushion

Your landscape grass should be a place you can play, entertain, and relax on – but that’s hard when the grass is dying, barren, and scratchy. Newly laid sod can offer you, your pets, and your guests a soft, lush carpet of green that is fun (and comfortable) to touch!

What are some things to know about sod installation?

Sun glare, don’t care

The sun can make for some beautiful weather and help give life to anything growing and living below. However, it can also get annoying with how bright it is after a while. Sod can assist with this issue by reducing glare by 20%-30%!

Sod is a natural air conditioner

Barren lawns can be scorching in the summer – however, sod can act as a buffer from the intense heat. In the heat of summer, green and growing sod is vastly cooler than anything else! It’s about 88 degrees versus bare ground at about 102 degrees or synthetic turf at 152 degrees!

Tread carefully

Even though you will be excited to slip off your sandals and walk barefoot on your new turf, you’ll have to fight that urge for a little bit longer. After your sod installation services, your lawn will look amazing instantly! Even though it will look lush, your grass will still need time to become firmly rooted. Increased foot traffic or extra activity could disrupt this process. For the first 2-4 weeks, you’ll want to avoid walking excessively on your lawn. You also should avoid allowing your children or pets to play on your turf. During those first few weeks, it is also recommended that you skip mowing or fertilizing until your grass is rooted firmly. After this time has passed, when you can pull gently on the grass, and it does not come up, you’ll know it is safe to resume normal activity on your lawn.

Since you’re ready to upgrade your home or business, look no further – Busy Lil Beavers produces quality work built on a dam fine reputation!

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