Who We Are

Busy Lil Beavers providing lawn maintenance and landscape services to Elkhart, Bristol, and Granger, IN.

Zachary Beavernier is someone who not only runs a lawn care business but is wholly dedicated to his company and to the customers he serves daily. His crew and he are looking to grow this business even more and would love to accumulate more customers to serve over time.

He has spent years in the green industry business and has done excellent work for many people over that time. He had time to figure out what makes for quality lawn maintenance and landscaping and what a company needs to help set them apart from the rest. Due to that, he has been able to shape his company into one built on mutual trust between the customers and him and a professional approach to business. Zachary also understood that they wouldn’t be back for more business if the customer weren’t happy. He then decided it was his mission to make customer satisfaction and fantastic customer service his top priority.

There is a market for residential and commercial properties in the green industry, and he plans to make customers on both sides of the fence happy with his work! Zachary has goals and dreams for his business and high standards that he plans to instill in all who work for him.

Who We Are

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Zachary Beavernier, Owner

Like most careers and jobs, practicing and gaining experience is the best way to get better in an industry such as this – something Zachary has spent plenty of time doing. He knows how the job should be done, the way his machinery works, and how to handle an array of different customers with different needs.

Zachary understands the importance of the work he does but can also enjoy it simultaneously. As a result, he can balance his work and home life, creating an atmosphere that works well for him and his employees; he knows that those who do work for him cannot do the job well if they are unhappy with the job they have themselves. Making sure everything he does is of the best quality is another critical factor in how he wants to run his company – without that, he will not be satisfied.

He may be the owner of a lawn and landscaping company, but that doesn’t mean he’s not able to have fun outside of work, either! He has a beautiful wife and wonderful son whom he loves dearly. Having a family of his own can give him a greater appreciation for the work he does and the community he and his team serve!

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